What Is A Payday Loan?

MoneyPayday loans are short-term loans that are repaid on your next payday. They can be arranged swiftly online or over the telephone and the criteria for a payday loan is a little more relaxed than a high-street bank.

You have to be over 18 years old before you can apply for a payday loan. Your employment and identity have to be verified and you will have to have a UK bank account with a debit card to repay the loan. The application forms are quick and easy to complete and you will provide your debit card number and this is how the repayments are taken. At the end of the loan term, which is your payday, the repayment is taken directly from your debit card. You have the option of deferring the final settlement of the loan and you will have to pay the interest payment and the loan will roll-over until the next month.

The payday loan business is booming and these types of loans are used by millions of people in the UK. It is no secret that interest rates can be high if you use them as a long-term financial solution. However, as a short-term plan for unplanned costs, payday loans are not as expensive as people think. It costs money to offer such a service and the risks for the lender are reflected in the interest rate. Payday loans are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and as a consumer, you have rights just as you do with any other high street lender.

With the current UK banking lending criteria having been tightened up over the last few years, payday loans have cornered a market that high street banks seem to have left alone. These companies are not afraid to take the risks that banks are nervous about and the service is efficient and professional. Often, the cash can be in your bank account on the same day and with some strct budgeting, payday loans can help out in emergency situations such as unexpected car repairs or other bills that can crop up unexpectedly.

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Just like any other form of credit, always make sure you’re able to meet the repayments. Payday loans are not designed to be used as a long-term borrowing solution and should only ever be considered as a short-term solution. Research the interest rates and budget accordingly to avoid ending up paying high interest rates.

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